Thursday, July 26, 2012

Patrick Swayze: My Hero

Johnny is Baby's hero in Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze continues to be my hero in real life. Recovering from an unprovoked physical assault in the workplace takes all one has and some. And guess what? While I have been going through recovery from a fractured back vertebrae (including a surgical procedure) and from stress and anxiety from this near-death experience, my hero has been such an inspiration and help to get through.

Thinking of how Patrick went back to work while undergoing intensive cancer treatment and his entire battle against this horrific beast is very powerful and moving for me. Thinking of Patrick's plane crash (2000) and accident on set while filming Letters From a Killer (1998) reminds me that Patrick did not give up flying and obviously did not give up going on set to make movies.

Johnny says to Baby: "I've never met anyone like you." "Ditto" is what I say to Patrick. I am so grateful to have met you and to have your amazing spirit whose light shines so bright as such an inspiration.


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