Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Patrick Swayze: Thinking of You on Valentine's Day

I think of Patrick Swayze as a romantic at heart and of course that came through loud and clear in his movies Dirty Dancing and Ghost. I just know there will be multitudes of fans watching his Dirty Dancing and Ghost movies for Valentine's Day.

And of great significance, I think of how he treasured his wife, Lisa. Remember his vows he recited at his "second wedding"?

As we all know, Dirty Dancing is slated for a re-make movie and continues to play as a stage favorite, and Ghost plays on stage and is slated to be a television show. On the one hand, it is distressing that there are these "imitations" and "re-dos" of these classic works. Yet, on the other hand, one can view it as a testament to the awesome work Patrick Swayze did in the iconic, original movies.

I thank you Patrick Swayze for being such a romantic and touching our hearts in so many ways.


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