Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Honor and Celebrate Patrick Swayze on His Birthday-August 18th

Patrick, your spirit is always with us.

You have been and always will be a big, big bright light in my life that is an anchor for decency, humanness, spirit, and compassion. We celebrate you on your birthday.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Patrick's family and loved ones.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eleanor Bergstein Speaks About Dirty Dancing, August 8, 2011

Thank you to Irin, reporter from for sending this link which includes two videos of Eleanor Bergstein speaking after the screening of Dirty Dancing held to raise money for the NYAAF.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Remember and Honor Patrick Swayze on His Birthday, August 18th

To honor Patrick's courageous and public battle against pancreatic cancer, please join in to fight against this horrible disease. The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is having a campaign throughout the month of August--At Home Challenge to advocate for support for the Pancreatic Cancer Research & Education Act (S. 362/H.R. 733). Please go to: for additional information.

The Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund at Stanford Cancer Center:
focuses on developing more effective treatment for pancreas cancer patients. "Gifts to this fund will support studies to increase our understanding of pancreas cancer and develop new therapies and technologies that can be applied to improving diagnosis, treatment, and prevention." George Fisher, MD. PhD. associate professor medicine-oncology.

Pancreatic cancer is ranked fourth among the types of cancers that people die from. There are no early detection screening tools. Significant progress has not been made in forty years to fight this disease and this is especially significant as compared to better progress made in fighting other types of cancer. Pancreatic cancer is sorely underfunded in comparison to other cancers. 94% of patients die within five years of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Per the American Cancer Society, it is estimated that in 2011 there will be 44.030 people in the US diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 37,660 will die from it.

Let us continue Patrick's battle to fight pancreatic cancer! I cannot think of  a better way to remember and honor Patrick!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dirty Dancing Lives on Forever!

If you haven't had a chance, check out the movie, Stupid, Crazy, Love for the iconic Dirty Dancing lift scene replica attempt--with an actual mention of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey! Cute!

For all of you lucky people who live in New York, check out the rooftop screening of Dirty Dancing Monday, August 8th at 8PM with Eleanor Bergstein doing a Q & A following the screening.
This event is a fundraiser for NYAAF.

On a different note, there is a spoof report? that per the Hollywood Reporter Justin Bieber will be writing, co-producing and starring in a 3D Dirty Dancing Remake. Summer 2012 is the target release date. Just imagine that!

To celebrate the 24th anniversary date-August 17th-of the release of Dirty Dancing, I am running a special sale of my book:
THE FANS' LOVE STORY: How The Movie 'DIRTY DANCING' Captured The Hearts of Millions!
through August 28th.
25% of the proceeds will be donated to the Patrick Swayze Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Stanford Cancer Center.

Patrick is sorely missed!